object025_1Welcome to the Business of Opportunities

    Smart businesses know how to stop reacting and start creating.

    Genius businesses zoom out even farther and ask: what’s the next big thing? How can we embrace it consciously and harness it creatively?

    I catalyze genius business shifts for individuals and organizations. A 21st century culture is emerging: one that sees through “problems” and leverages them into creative possibilities. This is what I can show you how to do.

    Ready for a change? Let’s get started.

Who I Am

I’m a realist. A practical visionary. A firestarter with my feet on the ground. I’ve spent 20 years in the nexus of a rapidly changing mediascape. I’ve learned what it takes to help individuals and teams recognize the possibilities hidden within problems.

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What I Do

object004I work with individuals, leaders, and teams in that sweet spot where genius can happen. When you know things aren’t just right — and you’re willing to embrace the next big thing. Stop putting out fires — and start living at full throttle.

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